The title of this series of work is "Rainbow in the Room". Originally in the sky, out of incomprehension with the world, it was then locked in a room. Taken out of context yet existing as its own spectacle, I hope people can see the beauty in us all being children of the rainbow. All human, united in our joy, sorrow and dreams. One day, we hope to return to the sky. 526 (a.k.a. kowei) is a Taipei based creator and writer, who after struggling with his sexual orientation for years, finally came out and was able to embrace his community. He takes photos of LGBTQ+ teenagers in their own bedrooms.


526 是來自台北的創作者。在成長時期,他曾受性向所苦,出櫃後,拿起底片相機走進 LGBTQ+ 的家中,現場取材、拍攝彩虹之子的青春映像、寫下生命故事,期盼喚醒大眾的同理心,了解同志亦凡人,也有喜悅、悲傷和夢想。



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