is a Taipei based analog photography lover, who after struggling with his sexual orientation for years, finally came out and was able to embrace himself and his community.


Now, he helps others tell their stories. Through his writing and photography featured in publications like VOGUE Taiwan, Out Magazine, Vanity Teen and Bedspread Zine from U.K.. He helps other queer and trans folks be seen. In his series “Rainbow in the Room,” he shows them, mostly in their own bedrooms.


I really hope to inspire people around the world, to evoke empathy! I actually created this project for homophobic and straight people as I hope they can understand LGBTQ+ people are humans too. We have joy, sorrow and dreams — no different from anyone else.” — 526

His work has been awarded an Honorable Mention in International Photography Award 2019. He has published "Journey to the Light of My Heart" with photography and prose. He's also known as the illustrator and writer "kowei".

526 是來自台北的底片攝影愛好者。成長時期,他曾受性向所苦,出櫃後,拿起相機走進 LGBTQ+ 家中,拍攝彩虹之子的青春映像,寫下生命故事,期盼喚醒大眾的同理心,了解同志亦凡人,也有喜悅、悲傷和夢想。


專題《彩虹在房間》發表在 VOGUE Taiwan、英國 Bedspread Zine、Vanity Teen 等處,獲選2019國際攝影獎之榮譽獎,受美國 Out Magazine 報導。

526 曾以另一筆名「kowei」出版五本圖文書,含底片攝影散文集《尋找心裡的永恆陽光》。新階段筆名 526 是創作者的誕生日,英文 five two six 諧音有「5 進位為 6 (five to six)」的意涵,象徵進化改變

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