kowei  is a Taipei based illustrator and writer. Inspired by chameleon, kowei is dedicated to creating artworks in diverse styles and forms.


He has published 5 books with Art & Collection Group, Locus Publishing Company and Sharp Point Publishing Group. His book’s multi-faceted, included illustrations, literary novel, prose, comic and photography.

He was a nominee at the 36th Golden Tripod Awards. He ever designed an Installation art for Taipei Metro. He's also known as the photographer "526".



著有《插畫家的初心》、《尋找心裡的永恆陽光》、《初戀童話 ~Toma & Choco~》等作,體裁含繪本、小說、漫畫、散文、攝影、教育等。​為許多單位繪製插畫,也曾在大學授課。



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