kowei is born on May 26th, 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan. He is an illustrator and writer. Inspired by chameleon, kowei is dedicated to creating artworks that showcase the spirit of "kowei" in diverse styles and forms.


He has published 5 books with Art & Collection Group, Locus Publishing Company and Sharp Point Publishing Group. His book’s multi-faceted, included illustrations, literary novel, prose, comic and photography.

His books have been selected for recommendation by Eslite Bookstore and the Government Information Office. He was a nominee at the 36th Golden Tripod Awards. He ever designed an Installation art for Taipei Metro. He's also known as the photographer "526".

kowei 1984年生於台北。自幼喜愛畫圖、寫故事2004年在自由時報以《看不見的光》出道,隔年成冊,此後陸續出版《假面國的奇蹟》(2008)、《初戀童話 ~Toma & Choco~》(2011)、《尋找心裡的永恆陽光》(2017) 和《插畫家的初心》(2019),體裁含繪本、小說、漫畫、散文、攝影、教育。作品獲誠品書店推薦,行政院新聞局選為優良讀物,入圍文化部第36屆金鼎獎。​

kowei 曾為許多單位描繪插畫,含台北捷運之裝置藝術,也參與海內外展覽。出櫃後開始以另一筆名「526」發表底片攝影創作。在資訊爆炸的時代中,相信慢、靜、同理心是必修課。期待遇見志同道合的夥伴。


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