{ Bedspread zine × 526 }

與英國 Bedspread Zine 合作的折疊式小誌,含14張相片和7張貼紙。25%收益捐予英國同志 / 反暴力慈善機構 Galop。


2019年9月9日發行 / 折疊 14.8*19cm 展開 28.9*38cm

A collaborative zine between Bristol based artist Jennifer Lo and Taipei based analogue photographer 526. A fold-out zine featuring 14 images and 7 vinyl stickers.


25% of proceeds will be donated to LGBT and anti-violence charity Galop.



{ 尋找心裡的永恆陽光 }

Journey to the light of my heart


2017年5月3日發行 / 20*14.8cm 256頁

大塊文化 / sm141 / ISBN:9789862137918


This book is the first published photography collection of kowei (a.k.a. 526). For him, traditional film is one way to capture the warmth of life that he wants. The images are taken from his usual viewpoint on the world and on himself: a fixation on his pursuit of the self, and a desire to find the light within.

This book is a way for him to encourage himself to become a better person, and we hope that his writing and his photos can encourage other people who are still searching for themselves to find their own inner light as well. You are not alone; this process is long and hard, but others have been on this path, and they are with you.



尋找心裡的永恆陽光, kowei

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